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kontor Supply Chain is committed to the highest standards of ethical values. Hence, we have devised a code of conduct that has applied to all employees and network-partners since the commencement of our activities in 2015.

This code of conduct serves as an "ethical compass“. Together with business specific procedures and local laws and regulations, it acts as a compass and guides our employees and partners in their daily activities.

The key pillars of this code of conduct are integrity, respect, and professialism.

Fair Competition

We are committed to fair competition. Company business must be conducted solely on the basis of merit and open competition. We are legally bound to make business decisions in the best interests of the company, without any understanding or agreement with a competitor. kontor Supply Chain will avoid any conduct that violates antitrust laws.

Bribery and Corruption

We deal with all our customers, suppliers and government agencies in a transparent manner and in compliance with international anti-corruption standards. We neither give nor promise any undue advantage to a person in a position of trust whether in government or in private business.

Gifts and Benefits

Gifts and other benefits are permitted if they are usual business practice and ethical. We ensure that our business gifts and entertainment practices are reasonable and consistent with relevant local laws and regulations. We further respect our customers own codes of conduct and will strictly adhere to them.

The giving and receiving of gifts and other benefits is prohibited in particular if they appear to influence upcoming business decisions or breach a law, regulation or policy.

Trade Regulations

kontor Supply Chain complies with restrictions on countries, entities and individuals imposed by authorized institutions (UNO, European Union,…) and decreed conformable to law.

Data Protection

Our employees and network-partners shall not disclose information that is in any connection with (potential) clients or our own trade secrets. Such information includes technical data, financial data, operating data, customer information, memoranda and other information regarding the company’s business and operational activities and future plans.

Contract Compliance

We comply with all terms and conditions of our contracts and expect our business partners to do the same. We deliver as we promise, and bill in strict compliance with contract terms.

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