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kontor Supply Chain was founded in 2015 and is considered a high professional Supply Chain-boutique offering best in class solutions.

The prime goal & vision is to offer high-end operations consulting services along the Supply Chain as well as Logistics Chain with value realization at the heart of what we do. Both on a regional as well as global scale.

Our lean organizational set-up as well as project dedicated expert set-ups ensures best-in-industry concepts are offered to market. From design up to implementation.

kontor Supply Chain partners with a fine selected pool of delivery partners featuring cross-functional and cross-industry experiences for extensive projects. This is how we ensure the right people are doing the right type of work.

Why kontor Supply Chain?

We understand the industry

  • We successfully completed Supply Chain & Logistics projects in several industries with diversified magnitude (i.e., centrally, regionally and per Business Unit)
  • We are fully committed to the success of our clients journey and understand their strategic intent

We are value driven

  • We put benefit realization at the heart of what we do, and we understand key value levers
  • We are pragmatic implementers, who know how to drive and implement change at our clients. Locally, regionally and globally
  • We have successfully delivered key strategic and transformation projects with significant benefits

We get it right

  • We have deep experience in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry and focus on value realization with an end-to-end approach and accountability
  • Our ready-to-use assets support our clients requirements and enables efficient project delivery as well as continuous client support

We get it done

  • We provide an integrated and holistic approach as well as best practice and trends that really work and makes best sense in the client context
  • Our approach foresees IT integration in order to streamline and support operations through high degree of automation

Our teams are ready

  • Our delivery teams with profound experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics arena are ready
  • Our client engagement team is fully committed to successful project delivery and access to key resources within kontor Supply Chain


We understand and live the difference between savings on paper and EBIT effective benefits. And that’s what we deliver!

kontor Supply Chain’s comprehensive value proposition combines the most crucial aspects of successful & sustainable benefit realization: People, tools & extensive know-how within the logistics service provider sector, the producing industry as well as consulting.

Product Portfolio



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… process excellence


… value realization

Supply Chain

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Other Services

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Holistic Strategy Design

Corporate (supply chain) strategy is the direction an organization takes with the objective of achieving business success in the mid and long term. The ability to execute and lead a strategy is the key differentiator. It requires a holistic approach.

Operating Model Design

The operating model (re-)defines organizational structure, contractual framework, performance management, governance model, SOPs and SOP´s. In short, it mirrors the strategy at operational level.

Control Tower Concept

Control Towers are typically cross-divisional in-house organizations with system integrated “information hubs” that provide supply chain visibility which can also be outsourced. Control towers are typically set-up to monitor, measure and manage transport and inventory movements across the supply chain.

Outsourcing Strategy

The success of supply chain transformation depends on active steering of service provider selection process, implementation of operating model, setting of KPI's, IT-landscape connectivity, and an HR change management process running parallel.

Transportation (all MOT's)

Evaluation of multiple transportation modes, carriers, routes, shipping strategies, and support to find the lowest cost/best service combination.


Centralize and integrate workflows for inventory management. This includes all necessary supply chain parameters (inventory in stock, in transit, transit times, safety stock, etc.) and leads to logical replenishment recommendations to customers.

Management by KPI's

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric that reflects how well an organization is achieving its stated goals and objectives. A strong set of KPI’s is required in order to understand own service levels as well as third party performance.

Sourcing & Procurement

We offer strategy consulting, benchmarking & outsourcing services as well as applications.

Freight Bill Audit

Verifying LSP’s invoices as per agreed rate sheets, establish integrated workflows with electronically connected tariff sheets, order and shipment data, leading to automatic audit and self-billing procedures. Positive impact on direct cost and DPO.

Benchmark Services

Evaluate maket-conformity of existing rates and fees by leveraging our anonimized tariff database.

Supply Chain Engineering

SCE is a business-savvy engineering that designs and synchronizes highly complex global supply chains. It deals with optimization techniques including linear programming, network flows, integer programming, and heuristics.

Network Design

ND means evaluation and optimization of network nodes (eg., full-service distribution centers, cross-dock locations), inventory (eg., full-stocking locations, centralized slow movers, postponement strategies), and transportation-nodes.

Material Flow Planning

MFP supports the end-to-end optimization of all material and information flows on inter- & intra basis (eg. factory or warehouse/distribution center), lowers costs of internal logistics by productivity-increase measures, and improves security of supply and flexibility.

Logistics Planning

LP is the entire planning & optimization process of the end-to-end transportation chain – from long-range network strategy planning to daily workforce scheduling and route planning.

Global Trade Optimization

Local companies expanding their business abroad are often unable to cope with the flood of trade- and customs regulations, liabilities, logistics terms & conditions, and business behavior at destination. We know the game and support your visions.

Interims Management

Our interim managers are highly skilled and lead transformation and change; getting projects in place – quickly and effectively. Their purpose is to effect change and roll out processes which they can then leave in their wake.

Survey Services

Surveyor services within the freight forwarding and logistics industry, providing private and court appraisals.

Outsourcing Services

Besides our comprehensive strategy & operations consulting portfolio, kontor Supply Chain has furthermore developed a distinctive range of managed services in the fields of Cost Optimization and Suppy Chain Services.



… value realization
    Cost Optimization:
  • Tender Factory
  • Freight Bill Audit

Supply Chain

… full orchestration
    Supply Chain Services:
  • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Logistics Planning


kontor Supply Chain considers itself being an organization featuring both, in-house teams with focus on core business activities and professional network partners for cross-functional program requirements.

Our lean project-driven organization ensures agility and flexibility, enables an individual customer approach and exempt us from the pressure of capacity utilization.

We don't talk about agile corporate structures, we live it!

  • Strategy Development
  • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Logistics Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics
  • IT Solution Design
  • HR & Change Management
  • Program Management
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Business Improvement
  • Business Implementation
  • Project Management


kontor Supply Chain considers itself being a cross-industry Supply Chain expert.

Our true believe is that innovation, agility and mature analytics capabilities combined with thought/trend leadership and best practices are driving forces for value realization and sustainability.

Our easy adaptable and ready to use supply chain suite (i.e., variety of tool kits and plug&play applications) is developed to be leveraged on cross-industry basis and supports swift delivery.

Industrial Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing supply chain management focuses on logistics in terms of moving physical material from one location to another. The size and weight of objects being shipped and the distance from the supplier to the manufacturing facility plays a major role in the cost of the product.

But a supply chain is not just a hierarchical chain of businesses supplying tangible components to make up a final product. The whole supply chain system also includes the functional areas of planning, design, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, sales, recovery and recycling.

Reshaping and optimizing those processes by standardization, harmonization and smart use of IT-applications provides major opportunities for innovation and value creation.

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Chemical / PetroChemical

The chemicals industry is facing a challenging global business environment. Complexity – a combination of heightened competition in developed and developing regions, greater volatility in the price of raw materials, and the need to innovate and serve an extremely heterogeneous customer base – has constrained profitability for many chemical companies. Perhaps most worrisome, this complexity has made future growth uncertain.

We have designed and implemented supply chain solutions across industries to improve the entire value chain from order management till payment receipt, reducing the complexity by standardized and optimized processes in combination with cost saving initiatives.

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Transport & Logistics

The transportation industry is undergoing significant changes. Rising operational cost, mature markets versus developing economies, total transparency, technology boost, volatile rates and increasingly demanding accounts deteriorates current business models. The business case of yesterday is outdated and almost every LSP is forced to re-invent itself and its scope of activities.

We are at the forefront of these ground-breaking changes, offering a broad range of management support services including (re-)shaping of corporate strategy, development of growth initiatives, and definition of productivity improvement measures.

Our consultants have an impressive track record of decades in freight forwarding, career backgrounds from operations to top management level in leading global enterprises.

This frontline experience grounds our approach to empowering, motivating and inspiring logistics innovation and supervision of execution.

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Forest, Paper & Packaging

The forest and paper industry depends on a long and integrated supply chain. It starts in forest harvest areas as trees and ends as multiple products used in all persons daily usage. The lead time from the first step to the last is long and it involves many steps operated by several companies and organization.

The supply chain in this industry is commonly divided in four main stages (procurement, production, distribution, sales), kontor Supply Chain contributes with its expertise to improve processes and procedures in inbound- and outbound logistics planning and execution as well as service provider management.

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Consumer Goods & Retail

Consumer products and retail companies face new challenges every day: rising costs, slow growth and technology-enabled shoppers to name a few.

Achieving sustainable performance improvement requires innovative strategies, perspective and an agile supply chain as the majority of retailers and manufacturers struggle to respond to real-time peak demands and risk losing competitiveness. Consumers are angered by supply chain shortcomings caused by order fulfillment issues or inventory management slips.

The very few advanced enterprises defend their competitive edge by permanent investments in standardized & harmonized processes and IT-interconnection along the supply chain.

We understand the industry and related SCM-requirements in detail and refer to outsourcing- and cross-functions collaboration projects recently delivered.

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Mining & Metals

Supply chain efficiency and cost containment remain critical in the mining and metal (M&M) industry. While the goal hasn't changed, achieving it requires increasingly sophisticated technology due to increased supply chain and network complexity.

In the past, most metals companies viewed their operations in terms of moving volumes of product through the supply chain and delivering to customers at completion. The emphasis was on maximizing capacity utilization and reducing costs at each phase of the supply chain.

The future calls for bolder moves and a reinvention of how M&M companies view their supply chain. By this, we mean a supply chain that is far more:
Instrumented, Interconnected, Intelligent.

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